Last day

Year 6,

Thank you for all your hard work this year and for all the fun times. You have all been brilliant. Borwick, the Christmas Fair, London, sports day, amazing SAT results, school BBQ, fabulous productions and an emotional leavers’ service are just some of your amazing achievements. You are all very talented individuals. Go and achieve your dreams, be the best you can be and continue to make me proud of you.

Good luck, I’m going to miss you all xxx

Year 5,

You have been awesome this year! Thank you for working so hard and being a delight to teach. Have a fabulous summer holiday, I can’t wait to see you in September and teach you again for your last year of primary school.

Lots of love to you all

Mrs Wiseman

London – Thank you

A letter to my wonderful Year 6 children and your parents.

To the children, I would like to say thank you for a brilliant day in London and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I was so proud of every single one of you. Your behaviour was excellent, your enthusiam was infectious and you did everything you were asked, and more. You were ace!!

To your parents, I want to say a huge thank you for letting me take your children to London and trusting us implicitly. After the events in Manchester, I questioned many times whether it was the right decision to go. Having spoken to Mr Dryland, I came to the decision that I had to take them. Not one of you questioned my decision, and I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. You were all so brave at the station, waving your children off, and I couldn’t be prouder of you! Thank you.

Thanks also go to the wonderful staff who came with me – Mr Dryland, Miss Naylor and Mr Green. Can’t thank you enough for your support.

Finally, thank you Mrs Hartley for all your work booking it.

A brilliant team effort. I am a very proud teacher. I hope you all have a wonderful half term  holiday.

Mrs Wiseman




This week’s stars!

Congratulations to our certificate winners this week:

Year 5

Writer of the Week – Melody Dawes

Marvellous Mathematician – Daisy Lyall-Cottle

Star of the Week – Katie Owens

Year 6

Writer of the Week – Connor Drummond

Marvellous Mathematician – Oakley Williamson-Wanstall

Star of the Week – Adam Owens


Yes!!! Year  5 have been awarded KS2 class of the week!

Well done to you all – very proud.

Mrs Wiseman

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Football champions!!

Huge congratulations to our girls’ football team for winning their tournament today at AKS!!

Well done Lois, Courtney, Rihanna, Abigail, Daisy and Holly. You were brilliant on and off the pitch – so proud of you!! County championships next!!

Thanks to Mrs Holmes and Mrs Crozier for taking the team and being excellent supporters. Go girls, go girls, go girls….!

SATs are over!!

So, so proud of my wonderful Year 5 & 6 class this week.

Year 6 have worked so hard and have completed all their SATs. They have shown brilliant determination, perseverance and intelligence and have all done their very best – I couldn’t be prouder.

Year 5 have also been super, they have had a great week with Mr Dryland completing a science unit on forces. I believe they have been designing their own rockets!! I can’t wait to watch you launch them.

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