Famous people who have followed God’s Rules 10.7.17

For our final RE lesson on Rules for living we researched famous people who followed God’s rules as their code for living. We used iPads to research their lives, wrote a biography on them, thought carefully about how their Christian faith impacted their lives and we presented our findings to the class using our excellent presentation skills.  We were inspired by Dr.Barnardo, Eric Liddell, CS Lewis and John Wesley.

Year 3 Chocolate Presentations! 10/7/17

In our groups we have researched a topic close to our hearts…. CHOCOLATE! We asked our own questions to research, used iPads to carry out the research and then planned and delivered a group presentation. Macy, Katey, Brendan and Faith even acted out the history of chocolate. We like presenting and performing in Y3!


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What’s Under Your Feet Year 3? 29/6/17

We wanted to find out what invertebrates were living under our feet on our school field…. so we went digging! We dug up an area that was 30cm x 30cm and found lots of earthworms, the longest one was 11cm. We tested the soil and found it had a ph of 6.5, which is slightly acidic. We really enjoyed this Citizen Science work, especially in the lovely sunshine… and of course we remembered to restore the field as we found it.


27/6/17 Y3 meet Barnardos and Joe the Architect

Our Career and Aspirations week has carried on being exciting, informative and inspiring. Today we had Barnardos come and do a workshop on working for a charity, they gave us lots to think about. Then we designed our dream homes with Joe the Architect from Firth Associates in Lytham. We had a blast! We included tree houses, play rooms, swimming pools, dog room, cinema room, bungee jump, hot tub, outside kitchen, fidget spinner room, water slide, trampoline room, you tube area, DJ room and even…. unicorns! Yes unicorns! 



Year 3 do Gymnastics with Craig Heap! 26/6/17

What a treat we had today…. Craig Heap the Olympic Gymnast came into school to do worship and teach us gymnastics. It was awesome! We did 1,2,3 and 4 point balances; we learnt how to roll and how to stand. In only 20 minutes!

Thankyou Craig for a truly memorable morning, we are all truly inspired!