The scary monster


Then I was walking towards the exit and then I saw a door. But the door was shut and I started to move more to the exit. Then I turned round again and saw the door slightly open. I walked over to the basement and walked into the basement I heard a voice saying, ” Get away from me or I will ring your Mum,”  I did not get away and he rang  my Mum  but my Mum said ,I let my son go to your  house. I said  “My mum let me come to your house. Someone sent a letter from this house.”

“We know where you were when you are at your Nannas for your party.”
















The Scary Monster

“Who are you?”  whispered Daniel. The monster kept stepping towards me . I was frightened . The monster grabbed me and tied me to a chair. “Bea, help me,” I cried .

Bea qickly ran towards me but then the monster jumped out and got Bea. “Help me Bea,” cried. Just then, the monster went out of the room so Bea said “Oh yeah, I have a spare candle in my pocket, I could burn these ropes.  Come on then.” I loudly shouted. Just then the monster entered the room  so I said “Run!” I quickly responded so we all ran out of the window and that was the end of the story .

Hanted Story

”Where are you?” whispered Daniel quietly.

”Here, now I’m here.” said King.

I said again, ” Where are you?”

I’m behind you, HELLO!”

“AHHH!!!” shouted Daniel angrily.”Let’s put you in a coffin.”

“Now its going to be the end of my life because I’m going in a coffin.”

2 Hours later……….

“Ahhh! No wait, I’m in the coffin,this is really bad, wait is that a skeleton, AHHHH!!!  I want to go home …………..”








Scary Story

I nearly jumped out of my house, ”Who are you?” I said.  The voice whispered, “Who do  you think I am?” I was shaking with fright.

“Are you behind me Bea?”

“I am here,” the reply. Where had Bea gone? The voice whispered,” I forgot her.”

“Oh no! what do I do now?” I said, terrified. “I Want  to get out of here now, where are you? Bea!”


The Curse of the Old Owner

I bravely got closer to the door and I carefully and quietly reached my hand out to the door knob, I opened the door slightly.”What could it be?”I called nervously . And the old owners skeleton jumped through the door! So me and Bea ran up the stair case quickly. It had a big chain tied around his waist. But Bea tripped over, “HELP!”cried Bea .”Ok I’ll help you.”I sighed…..

Daniel and the Creepy House

I wanted to scream. I was so scared I couldn’t. Then I got a hint of a purple  light. It was coming towards me! ”Who’s there?”I whispered. I saw sparks, then a purple pumpkin, it had white wires that were moving around on it. It had spikes on it. It was emerging towards me.”This is no dream this is not funny at all,” it hissed. I headed  for the door.  It was locked! I pushed my candle towards it, it turned into a puff of smoke.”AAAHHH!”

I turned around, it was still there !”How?” I asked.  ”I can teleport.” It hissed, I kicked the door down…..