Worship 19th April 2017 – Democracy

With the news yesterday of the next general election being on Thursday 8th June, we looked at one of the important British values that we are lucky to have; democracy.

We learnt about some of the politicians at the last general election and the ones who will be seeking to become the next Prime Minister at this election.

Adults can vote and we are lucky to be have the opportunity to have a say in what happens in Britain. We looked at the work that Emmeline Pankhurst did to get women the vote at the start of the last century.

We also looked at Kirkham Town Council, Lancashire County Council and our own school council and how these are important places where our democracy can be seen in action.

We finished by having a vote. All the children had the opportunity to for the music on the way out of worship. They voted for a pop song as opposed to some classical music!

Democracy Assembly

Monday 30th January 2016

We continued with our half term value of “trust”. We learnt that there are times in our lives, here at school and at home when things are difficult and we don’t know what to do.

We all learnt that trust between friends is important. We need to be there for each other if we find things difficult. We heard the story of Jesus calming the storm and how it was really important that the fishermen trusted Jesus to see them through to safety. We need to trust our friends, teachers, family and Jesus to help us through stormy times in our lives.

Mr Dryland reminded all the children that we all have ‘mentors’ who are there to talk to if any of us need to share something.