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Mr Dryland
Mr Dryland wrote: Golden Days - Recording
At our Year 6 Leavers' Service we recorded the whole school singing Golden Days. This is a charity song written in aid or Brian House. We hope you like it. If you would like to donate to Brian House then please leave donations at the school office. (More)
Mrs BitsakakiThis is the treat we voted for! It's good to be good!   (More)
Mrs BitsakakiFor our final RE lesson on Rules for living we researched famous people who followed God's rules as their code for living. We used iPads to research their lives, wrote a biography on them, thought carefully about how their Christian faith impacted th (More)
Mrs Bitsakaki
Mrs Bitsakaki wrote: Wheel-a-thon 23/6/17
Year 3 did so well in the Wheel-a-thon event today. Well done children, some of you managed 200 laps, that should help you sleep tonight and help the school funds! Well done to our brave Year 3s Harvey and Eloise who fell off their wheels but carried (More)
Mrs Bitsakaki
Mrs Bitsakaki wrote: Bishop's Challenge Year 3
Key Stage 2 have taken part in the Blackburn Diocese's "Bishop's Challenge." The children had to complete 8 tasks set by the Bishop between October and May. The tasks this year were based on the Gospel of Luke.  Each time the children completed (More)
Mrs Bitsakaki
Mrs Bitsakaki wrote: Year 3 Worship 11/5/17
Well done Year 3 on your brilliant class worship! You read out your RE rules for living and made everyone laugh with your silly rules for shopping, school and swimming! Your performance of 'Jason and the Argonauts' was excellent, you perfor (More)
Mr Dryland
Mr Dryland wrote: Animal Care - 18/05/17
It was great to have Michael, Michaela, and Lona with us this morning. During our assembly we learnt all about how to look after pets, whatever their size! We also learnt all about the Animal Care charity in Lancaster. Michael explained how it is (More)
Mr DrylandWith the news yesterday of the next general election being on Thursday 8th June, we looked at one of the important British values that we are lucky to have; democracy. We learnt about some of the politicians at the last general election and the on (More)
Mr Dryland
Mr Dryland wrote: Prayer Week
Well done to all the children who made our prayer week such a celebration of Christianity and many other faiths around the world. All classes investigated a different continent and then set about researching the different faiths that exist there a (More)
Mr Dryland
Mr Dryland wrote: Road Safety
Our fantastic Fire Service were in Year 5/6 this afternoon to teach the children all about road safety. It even included behaving in cars!  (More)

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