The School log Books – Air Raid Warnings, The Blackout and Rationing

By December 1940 the Air Raid Precautions training was being put to regular use!


December 4th

Air raid siren sounded at 11:10am. Boys filed out to shelters – Raiders passed signal given at 11:50am.

December 5th

Mr. Barnard from the County Offices visited the School. Reported the unsatisfactory state of the Air-Raid shelters. 1pm the Air-raid siren sounded. Boys went straight to the shelters as they came to School. Raiders passed signal given at 1:45pm. Boys given a quick run around the playground before going to their classes.

December 6th (Infant Department)

Siren 2.30. All clear 3 o'clock.

December 13th

Air-raid siren sounded 9:15am. Boys went to shelter. Raiders passed signal given at 9:50am.

December 13th

Mrs. Jeffs absent due to sickness.

December 17th (Girl's Department)

Siren 9.30am, "All Clear" 9.50am

December 17th (Infant Department)

Siren 1.15 – 1.55

December 18th (Infant Department)

Siren 1.15 – 2.15

December 19th

Air-raid siren sounded at 9:30am. Raiders passed signal given 10:15am. School Christmas Party this afternoon.

December 19th (Girl's Department)

Siren 3.30pm, "All Clear" 4pm

December 20th (Infant Department)

Siren 1.15 All clear 2.00

December 20th

"I checked registers and found all correct." School closed for Christmas Holidays.


January 6th

Re-opened School 9:30am. Mrs. Jeffs returned to duty.

January 7th (Infant Department)

Siren 2.15 – all clear 3 o'clock

January 10th

Air-raid siren sounded 9:15am. Boys went to shelters. Raiders passed signal given 9:55am.

January 13th

Mrs. Watts absent owing to sickness

January 14th

Mrs. Watts returned to duty.

January 16th

Mrs. Watts absent owing to sickness.

May 5th (Girl's Department)

War Weapons Week (Kirkham and Fylde). Special efforts will be made to encourage the parents as well as the children to help in the effort to keep on saving and to encourage others to join the National Savings Movement.

October 21st (Girl's Department)

Received notice that the C.E. Schools have been ear marked as a Rest Centre.

November 20th (Girl's Depatment)

Number of girls between the ages 10-15 yrs. on Sep 1st 1941 is 58. (Information required under Rationing Order).

December 3rd (Girl's Department)

"Rationing of Cloth, Clothing, Knitting Wool and Materials".

Under the above order it has been found necassary to enlarge the school's policy of making "thrift" garments, etc. The girls now undertake work for Social Organisations and W.V.S., or for parents and friends. This week 23 pairs of bed socks and 4 capes have been sent to the "Invalid Circle".



February 2nd (Girl's Department)

War Time Address of Ministry of Pensions Branch of the Board of Education – Marina Hydro, Rhyl, Flintshire.

February 11th (Infant Department)

Siren sounded 2-5 All clear 3.40

March 18th (Girl's Department)

Road Safety Lecture by P.C. Scholes.

At least one member of the staff was directly involved in the armed forces during the war. On October 6th 1945 the Log Book notes that; "Mr. Swan who was on the staff of this school up to Oct 2nd 1940 has now been demobilised from H.M. Forces, and returns to duty in charge of Class 2."

The entry for September 30th 1940 records that Mr. Swan had been "called up for training with the Royal Artillery at Scarborough."



The School Log Books – Air Raid Warning 1940

In September 1940 the first mention is made of an air-raid warning.

September 17th 1940 (Girl's Log Book)

At 3.25 this afternoon the Air Raid Siren was heard. As the shelters are not yet completed the girls were assembled in the passages and cloakroom, where they sang until "All Clear" was given when the girls returned to their rooms and resumed oral work, reading and singing.

September 27th

A number of hooks have been fixed in the Girl's corridor to reliece the congestion in the cloakroom, and to make it easier for all the girls to leave the premises quickly.

November 12th

As the school is not "blacked out" the Caretaker cannot make fires early enough to get the rooms warm by 9am. During the darkest weather the school hours will be:-

9.30 am – 12 noon

1.15 pm – 4 pm.

It will not be possible to adhere strictly to the Time Table but we shall do so as far as is possible.

The School Log Books – Evacuees in the Girl’s Department


September 1st 1939 (Girl's Log Book)

School closed for reception of evacuated children.

September 4th-8th

September holiday for one week. Schools closed through Outbreak of War.

September 11th

One teacher (Miss Hope), and 15 girls entered this Dept., (evacuees from Salford). Mr. Harding, their headmaster, will visit the school regularly, for conference re classifications, attainments, billeting and general welfare.

September 14th

Eight additional girls (evacuees also from Salford) were admitted this morning – now 23 in all + 2 on Infant Register – also 1 girl admitted (voluntary evacuee).

September 19th

Mr. Rood H.M.I. visited the school re the absorption of the evacuees.

The Log Book also notes the opening of Church House to allow lessons to take place there.

December 21st

School will be closed at 3.15 to allow for completion of registration before Black-out.



May 14th 1940

Owing to the international situation holidays are curtailed, and school re-opens today instead of on the 15th.

The School log Books – Evacuees in the Boy’s Department

In 1939 the Boy's School Logbook records the arrival of evacuees at St.Michael's School. The children arrived from Salford which was expecting heavy German bombing. The local Air Raid Precautions Warden had also been in contact with the school. The 'Richard Ward Shield' is still used in local Interschool Swimming Competitions.


September 11th

School re-opened. Eight boys admitted as evacuees from Sussex St Council School Salford. Transfered 7 dual desks to Girl's Dept. temporally to accomodate evacuees. Mr. Harding, headmaster of Sussex St. School, visited the school this morning.

September 13th

Mr. Walsh, District Clerk, called to enquire about the surplus desks.

September 14th

Admitted eight more boys (evacuees) from Sussex St. Council School, Salford. Mr. Harding (headmaster of Sussex St. School) took charge of ClassIII from 2pm to 3pm during the absence at the Baths of Mr. Pennington with a class of boys for swimming.

September 18th (Infant Department)

The first air raid warning during school hours was heard today at 3.25. The shelter not having been completed the children had to take shelter in the cloakroom and passage.

September 19th

Mr. Rood H.M.I. visited the School this afternoon to make enquires re evacuated boys and arrangements made for them.

September 29th

"I visited children in question and found all correct."

October 2nd

Attended the local baths with 46 boys to take part in the end of season Inter School Swimming Competition. This School was again successful in winning the Richard Ward Shield.

October 17th

With reference to the communication about Air Raid Precautions, arrangements have been made with Councillor I Jackson local Air Raid Warden to send a message to the School directly a warning is received – if during School hours.

October 25th

Received official notice from the District Clerk of the suspension of the Education Act 1936, in so far as it relates to the raising of the School leaving age to 15 years. Children are, therefore, now eligible to leave School at the end of the term in which they attain the age of 14 years in accordance with the Act of 1921.

October 30th

Dr. Fay, School Medical Officer, in attendance for annual inspection of boys.

November 1st

School Medical Officer again in attendance.

November 3rd

School Medical Officer completed the annual inspection this morning.

November 12th (Infant department)

School commenced 9.30 today. Owing to lack of blackout in the school children returned at 1 o'clock and departed at 3.30.

November 13th

Received instruction from the correspondent to hold the afternoon sessions during the Winter months from 1:00pm to 3:30pm as from today. While the arrangement is in force the afternoon lessons will be altered accordingly.

November 15th (Infant Department)

Siren 1.15pm All clear 1.25

November 21st (Infant Department)

Siren 2.20pm. All clear 2.55

On January 8th 1940 the logbook records the Boy's School Roll  as 99  + 10 evacuees.


The School Log Books – Visit to Liverpool and Port Sunlight

May 28th 1936 (Girl's Log Book)

As the girls are preparing a map of the Fylde (Danish Period) for the Royal Lancashire Show, the research and practice of drawings etc causes some disturbance of the timetable.


May 29th 1936 (Girl's Log Book)

School closed today for the annual excursion, which this year is to Liverpool and Port Sunlight.

The School Log Books – Cold Working conditions

January 19th 1936 (Girl's Log Book)

The cold has been intense all week. Although the caretaker has made every effort to get the rooms well heated , it has been impossible to get a temperature of more than 41 degrees in the classroom. This was reported to the Correspondent. Today we have purchased a Valor oil stove and fixed up in the classroom which is now comfortably warm. Many of our children are poorly clad, probably poorly fed, and require much attention in order to fit them for ability to profit by the lessons.