Welcome to the Governors’ page. Here we hope to tell you something about the Governing Body of St. Michael’s school saying;

             – who we are,

             – why we are here,

             – what we do,

             – how we work,

             – when we meet

             – and how to contact us.

Who We Are?

St. Michael’s governing body has 12 members and each serves a term of 4 years after which they are eligible for re-appointionment. There are different categories of governor but all have equal governor status:

  • Foundation Governors – elected by the Parochial Church Council and/or the Blackburn Diocese. As St. Michael’s is a voluntary aided school, foundation governors must outnumber other governors by two and at least two must be eligible for election as parent governors;
  • Parent Governor – one governor has to be elected by parents of children at St. Michael’s;
  • Staff Governors – two have to be elected, one has to be a teacher, by the staff at St. Michael’s;
  • LEA Governor – one governor is appointed by the Local Education Authority; and the
  •  Headteacher – is automatically a member of the governing body.

The current Governors are listed below:

Name Appointment Date Term of Office Position Voting rights Other Governance roles Business Interests
Rev Rick Bunday 05/05/15 4 years Chairperson Y No No
Mr Jonathan Dryland 01/09/16 n/a Headteacher Y Governor at Archbishop Temple School, Preston No
Mr Barry Dann  01/10/15 4 years Vice Chair Y No No
Mr Daniel Farnworth 20/05/13 4 years Parent Governor Y No No
Vacancy Foundation Governor
Mr Andrew Green 01/09/14 4 years Foundation Governor Y No No
Mr Phil Statham 01/01/16 4 years Foundation Governor Y No No
Mrs Sally Perry 08/03/17 4 years LA Governor Y No No
Mr Simon Tickle Observer N No No
Mr Jim Whittle 01/01/16 4 years Foundation Governor Y No No
Miss Jaimie Darwen 01/06/15 4 years Foundation Governor Y No No
Mrs Amanda Teale 01/07/16 4 years Parent Governor Y No No
Mrs Nicole Bitsakaki N/A N/A Observer N N/A N/A
Mrs Nicola Wiseman N/A N/A Observer N N/A N/A

Governor Attendance Data 2016-2017

Governor Attendance Data 2017-2018

Why Are We Here? 

All schools are required in law to have a governing body whose constitution, powers and duties are prescribed by formal regulations. The basis for the constitution of Governing Bodies was set out in the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2003.

The overall purpose of a governing body is to help the school provide the best possible education for every single pupil. Together with the headteacher and the school leadership team, the governing body leads the school, setting the vision and establishing the right culture to drive forward improvement to ensure the best life chances are secured for every child.

What Do We Do? 

Parliament has provided governing bodies with a range of powers and duties to enable them to contribute to the promotion of high standards of education.

A governing body:

  • must have in place publicised procedures for dealing with complaints relating to aspects of the school and to any community services or facilities it provides;
  • has to adopt a race equality policy for the school and monitor its implementation, to ensure the school complies with the relevant Race Relations Acts;
  • has to work in close partnership with the headteacher, and their respective roles are clearly defined in regulations;
  • the governing body has a strategic role in running the school by
  • setting aims and objectives,
  • adopting policies and setting targets for achieving the aims and objectives,
  • monitoring and evaluating progress towards achievement of the aims and objectives, whilst always acting as a critical friend,
  • setting and publishing targets for its pupils’ performance in the national curriculum tests and
  • ensuring that the school is accountable to pupils, parents, the local community and the Local Authority;
  • the headteacher, however, has the responsibility of leading the school by organising, managing and controlling all resources to implement the strategic framework established by the governors.

Although the full Governing Body meets once every term, many of the activities and duties are carried out by a number of sub-committees which meet more frequently, such as:-

Vision, Achievement and Consolidation; Teaching, Learning and Behaviour; and Resources.

Governors have voting rights on their respective committees. For the Academic Year 2015/16 the Governing Body members have taken the following responsibilities:

Vision, Achievement and Consolidation Committee

Membership: 6 nominated members, Agreed quorum: 4

Mr Jonathan Dryland (Headteacher)

Mr Barry Dann

Mrs Helen Hockenhull (Chair)

Mr Jim Whittle

Mrs Nicola Wiseman

Miss Jaimie Darwen

Also Mrs Nicole Bitsakaki (Deputy Headteacher)

Teaching, Learning and Behaviour Committee

Membership: 6 nominated members, Agreed quorum 4

Rev Rick Bunday or Mr Barry Dann (Chair)

Mr Jonathan Dryland (Headteacher)

Miss Jaimie Darwen

Mr Simon Tickle

Also Mrs Nicole Bitsakaki or Mrs. Nicola Wiseman as an Observer

Resources Committee

Membership: 6 nominated members, Agreed quorum: 4

Rev Rick Bunday or Mr Barry Dann (Chair)

Mr Jonathan Dryland (Headteacher)

Mr Dan Farnworth

Mrs Helen Hockenhull

Mrs Sally Perry

Mr. Andrew Green

Note: As there are now fewer sub-committees, any governor may attend any of the above committees, as an observer, to gain wider experience and knowledge.

Admissions Committee

Rev Rick Bunday

Mr Jonathan Dryland (Headteacher)

Mr Andrew Green

Pay/Headteacher’s Performance Management Committee

Rev Rick Bunday

Mr. Barry Dann

Mrs. Helen Hockenhull

Mrs Sally Perry

Subject Link:  RE/Worship – Rev Rick Bunday

Governor Links:  Training – Mrs Helen Hockenhull;  LASGB – Mr Barry Dann

Child Protection: Mrs. Helen Hockenhull

SEN Link: Mr. Jim Whittle

Governor Link to Year Group

YR   – Mr. Jim Whittle

Y1    – Mr. Simon Tickle

Y2    – Mrs. Helen Hockenhull.

Y3    – Mr. Barry Dann

Y4    – Mr. Dan Farnworth

Y5    – Mr. Andrew Green

Y6    – Mrs. Sally Perry

All Years – Rev Rick Bunday and Mr. Barry Dann

The following ‘statutory’ committees will be staffed from available, eligible governors as the need arises, which could be at short notice and during school hours:

Pupil Discipline

Complaints Committee

Grievance Committee

Staff, Attendance, Discipline, Dismissal and Grievance Appeals

Pay Appeals

Complaints Appeals Committee

How To Contact Us:

Formal contact to – Chair of Governors c/o St Michael’s School Office.

Useful Links:  – for Services and events at St. Michael’s Church – for more information about school governor issues – information about school governing matters in Lancashire – the Lancashire Association of Governing Bodies


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